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Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

We need paper shredders to help prevent falling victim to identity theft, which faces us all if we are not careful in the way we dispose of our personal details and information. Credit card details and bank account information left torn up but not shredded securely can be pieced together by thieves who want to steal yours or someone else’s identity.

A cheap paper shredder will do the job. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the job done efficiently, and shredders will generally give years of service, as long as you don’t abuse them by overloading or shredding things that can damage the cutters.

Many shredders have good safety measures such as cut out if fingers stray too close to the paper input slot.

Be aware that paper shredders can jam and become overheated, through not allowing a sufficient pause between passing documents through the cutters. That said, I have rarely had a paper jam, and if you do have one, they are easy to back out of by using the reverse motor function.

If a shredder becomes overheated, it can cost you about twenty minutes of your time while you wait for it to cool down.

Paper Shredders and Security.

A crosscut paper shredder is more secure than a strip cut paper shredder. Strips of paper could be pieced together if someone is determined enough. Paper which has been cross cut is more difficult to reconstruct.

Paper shredders can be durable over time and the main thing to go wrong with them is the motor might eventually give up, or, as happened to me, the roller becomes gummed up with a sticky label making it unusable, and you can’t get to the roller to clean it off.

Size does matter when it comes to using and storing the machine when it is not in use.

Consider how often you intend to use the shredder. Waste bin capacities vary from one machine to another. If you don’t want to empty the bin frequently, larger capacity waste bins are an option.

A lift off lid for easy emptying is in my opinion the best type of model for home or small office use.

Passing four or five sheets of A4 through the shredder is better than feeding one sheet at a time, and quicker too. The number of sheets you can feed through the shredder at one time does vary, up to about 12 sheets of A4.

Generally, shredders need little maintenance, other than emptying the bin and keeping the cutters free from the build of shreds of paper waste.

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Rexel Style Plus Shredder The Rexel Style Plus Confetti-Cut Shredder measures 16.5 inches high, by 10 inches in width, and is 17 inches in depth. The shredder capacity is 8 sheets at the same time. The 12 litre waster bin has a viewing window, and it slides out from the front for ease of access. It can shred credit cards, staples and paper clips. There is an overheat sensor which cools the shredder down when the threshold is triggered.

The noise level is 73 decibels.

This is a confetti cut shredder with a security level of P4.

Comes with convenient carry handles.

For the full specifications click here.

The shredder weighs 6 Kg.

The Rexel Style Plus Confetti-Cut Shredder (available on Amazon)