Best Paper Shredders Under 100

I have been researching the best paper shredders under £100 and the list is shown below. Bear in mind, the prices can reflect current retail discounts so they won’t necessarily reflect the normal selling price. It just happens to be the best deal at the time when the research was done.

In order to show you the best value paper shredders under £100, I have applied a filter mainly to weed out those shredders with only a handful of reviews. The higher the number of customer reviews the more confidence people have in the product.

Here is the list of popular and best selling paper shredders, currently priced under £100.

 Aurora AS610C Aurora AS610C 6 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with Waste BinKey features: Shreds staples, credit cards and paper clips. 11 litre waste bin, shreds 6 sheets per pass. This paper shredder has been at the top of the bestseller list for some months now and continues to be the number one bestseller on the Amazon market place. The most appealing attributes of this shredder are it is quiet in use, you don’t need to empty the waste bin too often, because of its size, and this shredder just does what it says. Ideal for the home or small office.

This shredder has been top of the best sellers for several weeks and continues to be the pick of the shredders. It is currently selling at a big discount on Amazon.

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 AS800CD Shredder Aurora AS800CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder with 8 Sheet Capacity and Large Waste BinKey features: Shreds credit cards, staples, paper clips and CD’s/DVD’s. Safety cut out, overheat protection. Shreds 8 sheets per pass, 16 litre waste bin. This is a stylish looking shredder, that is easy to empty and there is a separate slot for shredding CD’s. A robust design and good at what it does. Selling for under £50 at the time of writing.

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AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Shredder The AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder with CD slot is for those who want to shred more sheets of paper at one time. There’s no need to remove staples either, thus saving time. At 21 litres, the waste bin is a generous size and won’t need emptying so often given moderate use.The AmazonBasics shredder has a separate throat for shredding CD’s and credit cards, and it comes with a waste basket, owner’s manual and a 1 year warranty.

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 Fellowes P-48C Fellowes P-48C Cross Cut Shredder with Patented Safety LockKey features: Shreds staples and credit cards. Safety lock. Shreds 8 sheets per pass. 18 litre waste bin. 3 year cutter warranty. Fellowes make solid and reliable paper shredders and the P-48C is tough and well made. Also has good safety features which is reassuring to know when there are children round. A solid workhorse.

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 AmazonBasics 8 Sheet Shredder AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip Cut ShredderLike its 12 sheet counterpart above, the 8 sheet shredder also has a separate slot for shredding CD’s and DVD’s. This disks are cut into four pieces. The shredder head lifts off the large waste basket when the time comes to empty the contents. Comes with a one year warranty. A good basic home / office shredder.

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 Swordfish 1000XC Shredder Swordfish 1000XC Cross-Cut ShredderAt the higher end of the price range this solid and well built shredder can shred up to 10 sheets at one time. Has a separtate slot for shredding credit cards, There is a generous 20 litre capacity waste bin which conveniently slides out from the front. The shredder is mounted on castors making for easier manoeuvrability.

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Acco Shredder ACCO Rexel Style Plus Confetti-Cut ShredderA slim and elegant looking shredder with rounded edges, making it an attractive addition to the home or office. It can shred up to 7 sheets of paper at the same time, and can also shred credit cads. Compared with some of the other models the bin size has a smaller capacity of 12 litres. The output is also small in size making this less of an issue. The waste bin also has a viewing window and it pulls out from the side.

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Ryman XC 808M Shredder Ryman XC-808M Cross Cut Electric Paper ShredderThe Ryman XC-808M is a micro cross cut shredder that can shred up to 7 sheets of paper at the same time. It can also shred staples and credit cards, and CD’s. The waste bin has a capacity of 21 litres and the paper is output in small unreadable fragments.

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Aurora AS1023CD Shredder Aurora AS1023CD 10 Sheet Paper ShredderThis cross cut shredder, mounted on wheels for ease of movement, can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at one time. It shreds staples, paper clips and credit cards. The shredding of CD’d and DVD’s is done by feeding them into a separate slot on the shredder. The waste bin is front opening and has a capacity of 18 litres. There are some good safety features on this shredder.

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Aurora AS1018CD shredder Aurora AS1018CD 10 Sheet Cross Cut Paper ShredderWith a capacity to shred up to 10 sheets of paper at one time this home or office shredder can also shred paper clips, staples, credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s. There is 20 litre waste min and the small waste size means it takes longer to fill. To empty the bin, the shredder needs to be removed from the top of the bin using the folding handle. There are some good safety features.

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Fellowes Powershred P-35C Fellowes Powershred P-35C Home Cross Cut Shredder with Safety Lock

The Fellowes Powershred P-35C is a solidly built home or office shredder and comes with a one year warranty, and three year cutter warranty. This machine can shred 5 sheets of paper at the same time. It can also shred staples, paper clips and credit cards. There is a safety lock preventing the shredder from starting accidentally. The waste bin size 12 litres.

A stylish and attractive looking paper shredder.

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